Terry Naturally Zinc Plus Selenium - 60 cap

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The zinc in this supplement is chelated with the amino acid glycine to enhance its absorption and maximize its effectiveness, ensuring you receive the full advantage of this vital nutrient.

We’ve selected a specific form of selenium known for its role in supporting cellular health, along with promoting strong immune and respiratory function.

While both minerals contribute to various aspects of wellness, they each offer their own distinct benefits within the formula.

Enhances Immune Function and Respiratory Health: Zinc supports immune function by aiding healthy white blood cell activity and works alongside selenium to boost lung capacity. Additionally, zinc is essential for the thymus gland, a key part of the immune system. Selenium also plays a role in promoting a strong immune response and maintaining bronchial health.

Promotes Healthy Inflammation Response: Zinc serves as a vital structural element for muscles, ligaments, and tendons, supporting a healthy response to inflammation.

Protects Against Oxidative Stress and Supports DNA Integrity: Zinc aids the body’s natural antioxidant defenses, contributing to healthy cells.* Selenium may lower the risk of certain cancers, although the FDA finds the existing evidence to be limited and not definitive.

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