Young Living Tsuga Oil

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Native to Eastern North America, tsuga is a conifer tree that has been used traditionally by the native North American tribes and early European settlers. Also known as eastern hemlock or canadian hemlock, this tree reaches heights of 100 feet or more and has a documented lifespan of hundreds of years. Tsuga essential oil offers skin-cleansing properties and makes a great addition to spiritual and meditative practices. Steam distilled from the needles and twigs of the tree, it has a fresh evergeen aroma that can also be enjoyed aromatically to fill your space with the scents of the woods, reminiscent of the Japanese ritual of forest bathing.

  • Has a fresh evergreen aroma

  • Offers skin-cleansing benefits

  • Creates an experience reminiscent of forest bathing when used aromatically

  • Enhances yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices with its grounding, woodsy scent

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