Plant Therapy Tea Tree Hydrosol

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Tea Tree Hydrosol is an essential addition to your natural beauty regimen, boasting similar characteristics to Tea Tree Essential Oil and offering versatile benefits for various skin-related issues. Specifically formulated for blemish-prone skin, this hydrosol combines gentle yet potent cleansing properties to alleviate redness, irritation, and discomfort associated with breakouts. Regular use helps preserve the skin’s natural balance by regulating oil production and minimizing excess sebum. Incorporate it into your facial care routine as a natural toner or apply it directly to problematic areas for clear and healthy-looking skin.

Beyond skincare, Tea Tree Hydrosol lends support to various wellness concerns. For minor bumps, scrapes, and scuffs, cleanse the affected area with soap and water, then apply Tea Tree Hydrosol to aid in the recovery process. When inhaled, the mildly expectorant qualities of Tea Tree Hydrosol contribute to healthy breathing, especially during times of congestion and seasonal discomfort.

Hydrosols, derived from a plant's steam distillation process, capture the aromatic essence of the plant. Comprising solely of botanical water with hydrophilic compounds, each hydrosol offers unique characteristics and benefits. Although they share similarities with their essential oil counterparts, hydrosols often present distinct aromatic profiles due to their unique molecular makeup.

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