Terry Naturally St John's Wort 900

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Experience the Ease of St. John's Wort 900, with its Convenient Once-Daily Dosage.

Unlike most St. John's wort supplements that require taking multiple tablets or capsules throughout the day, St. John's Wort 900 simplifies your routine with just one tablet. We understand that staying committed to a multi-dose regimen can be challenging, especially during demanding times. However, optimal and consistent results are achieved with a daily intake of 900 mg of St. John's wort. When this dosage is divided into multiple doses, it's easy to unintentionally miss some.

Enhanced Compliance for Enhanced Results

Studies have shown that individuals taking multiple doses of St. John's wort typically consume only about 50% of the recommended amount. By providing a once-daily tablet, St. John's Wort 900 ensures consistent benefits. With its clinical strength potency, you can trust that a single tablet will deliver the desired results.

Key Features:
- Convenient once-daily tablet for improved compliance and efficacy
- Clinically recommended 0.3% level of hypericin, the vital compound in St. John's wort
- Special extract formulation retains its benefits in the body for 24 hours

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