Terry Naturally Quercetin w/Vitamin C Extra Strength - 60 cap

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Quercetin with Vitamin C Extra Strength amplifies immune support with an increased dose of quercetin compared to our original formula.

  • Features Our Exclusive GammaSorb Delivery System
    • GammaSorb, a plant-based material, enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring optimal bioavailability for maximum benefits.
    • Shown to boost the absorption of certain challenging-to-absorb (fat-soluble) dietary ingredients.
    • Inclusion in this product aids in delivering health-supporting advantages for overall well-being.
  • Extra Strong Dual-Action Immune Support
    • Quercetin and vitamin C, essential immune-supporting nutrients, are combined in a potent formula to strengthen your immune defenses daily.
    • Quercetin, renowned for immune support, can be challenging to absorb due to its fat-soluble nature. Our unique GammaSorb delivery system maximizes its effectiveness.
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