Plant Therapy Monster Away Spray - 8oz

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Banish all the ghouls, goblins, and boogeymen from your child's bedroom with our Monster Away Spray! Crafted for the courageous little ones who bravely confront the monsters lurking in the dark, this spray is infused with essential oils designed to calm busy thoughts, nervous feelings, and restlessness. No monster, regardless of its shape or size, stands a chance against the soothing relaxation it brings to your child's mind and body every bedtime.

The Monster Away Spray features the subtly sweet and calming aroma of our KidSafe Sweet Slumber Essential Oil Blend. With grounding Cedarwood and Vetiver, relaxing Ho Wood and Roman Chamomile, and uplifting Orange, this gentle scent helps prepare even the most uneasy minds for a night filled with good dreams and restful sleep. Moreover, you can be at ease knowing that you're using a natural spray free from harsh ingredients or synthetic fragrances. Simply mist this pillow spray onto pillows and bedsheets before bedtime, allowing its gentle aroma to dispel those nighttime worries and bad dreams.

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