ION Biome ION Gut Health

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What is ION Gut Health?

Your gut does a whole lot more than you think. Strengthen your gut, boost your immunity, and support your overall wellbeing with ION* Gut Health, sourced from soil over 60 million years old. Terrahydrite, the unique active ingredient in this mineral supplement, has been shown to support the gut lining and help protect it against damaging toxins. ION Gut Health has been shown to help tighten up the junctures in the lining of the gut, thereby preventing undigested food from leaking out and wreaking havoc.

Benefits of ION* Gut Health

  • Supports immunity: A strong gut lining is the protection you need when unwelcome particles and toxins approach your bloodstream. In fact, 70% of your immune system lives in the gut. ION* Gut Health will reawaken bacterial and cellular troops to provide reinforcement and boost immunity.
  • Helps gluten digestion: Gluten isn’t necessarily tough to metabolize—unhappy guts just have a hard time with it. ION* Gut Health regulates the flow of water and nutrients in your gut to reach biomic balance, which in turn soothes inflammation.
  • Promotes a clearer mind: Digestion isn’t the only thing that happens in the gut! Your gut is where neurotransmitters are made, and the central nervous system is always in touch with it. ION* Gut Health supports that gut-to-nervous-system connection to allow your brain to receive the clearest signals.
  • Aids in digestion: Digestion is easy with a gut filled with healthy bacteria. ION* Gut Health allows you to properly process what you’ve ingested by creating the proper internal environment.
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