Hyland's Hyland's Cell Salts - 100 tablet #11 Natrum Sulph

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Cell salts effectively address mineral imbalances in the body, activating the innate healing mechanisms. Insufficient levels of these crucial cell salts make you susceptible to various health issues. By replenishing them, your body becomes better equipped to combat illnesses and promote enhanced well-being. Our flavorless tablets dissolve instantly without the need for water, ensuring a stomach-friendly experience.

Natrum Sulph #11

  • Formulated to support the body's natural processes related to water metabolism, liver function, and detoxification.
  • The remedy aims to assist in conditions such as water retention, liver congestion, headaches, and digestive disturbances.
  • Helps regulate water balance in the body, supporting proper elimination and detoxification.
  • It promotes liver health and aids in clearing toxins from the system.
  • Provides a natural approach to support water metabolism, liver function, and overall detoxification.
  • It offers a natural alternative to alleviate symptoms associated with water retention, liver congestion, and promote overall well-being
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