Boiron Homeopathics - 30x - 80 pellets Symphytum officinale

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Homeopathics 30X 80 Pellets Symphytum Officinale is a homeopathic remedy made from the Symphytum Officinale plant, commonly known as comfrey. These pellets are prepared according to homeopathic principles, providing a natural and gentle approach to addressing various ailments. With 80 pellets per container, this product offers a convenient and long-lasting supply. Symphytum Officinale homeopathic pellets are often used to support the healing of bone fractures, sprains, and strains. They are also known for their potential benefits in promoting tissue repair and relieving discomfort associated with injuries. Incorporate Symphytum Officinale homeopathic pellets into your wellness routine and explore the potential benefits of this trusted natural remedy.

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