Premium Vials Empty Amber Bottle (1 mL)

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Introducing the must-have accessory for essential oil enthusiasts: our Amber Glass Vial! Boasting a compact size of approximately 1" tall and 1/2" wide, this little bottle packs a punch when it comes to sharing samples with friends. The neck size of 13MM ensures that no precious drops go to waste.

But our Amber Glass Vial is not just for sharing, it's also perfect for emergency on-the-go use. Tuck it in your purse, car, or 72-hour kit for easy access to your favorite essential oils whenever you need them most. And with the added benefit of amber glass, your oils are protected from damaging UV rays, ensuring your oils maintain their potency and effectiveness.

Invest in the convenience and versatility of our Amber Glass Vial and experience the joys of essential oils wherever life takes you!

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