Laundry Detergent Sheets (SAMPLE PACK) *Fresh Linen

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Introducing our Concentrated, Eco-Friendly, All-Purpose Laundry Detergent in an innovative Zero-Waste Format. Experience efficient and environmentally conscious cleaning with our Eco Laundry Sheets. Simply tear a sheet along the perforated line, toss the half-sheet into your laundry tub along with your clothes, and witness the magic unfold.

Tailor the cleaning power to your load size – for standard small to medium loads, utilize half a sheet, and for larger or heavily soiled loads, opt for a full sheet. Compatible with all washing machines, including high-efficiency models, and suitable for handwashing, our detergent sheets deliver effective cleaning in all temperature settings, from hot to cold.

Our laundry detergent sheets are now available in convenient sample packs! Each pack includes 10 single sheets, offering you the perfect opportunity to discover if this eco-friendly solution suits your preferences. To minimize costs and contribute to sustainability, we purchase these products in bulk and assemble sample packs using upcycled packaging, reducing both expenses and single-use plastics.

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