Terry Naturally BosMed 500 - 60 softgels

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Elevated Boswellia for Holistic Well-being

BosMed 500 offers an advanced form of boswellia that can bolster your overall health in ways that many other types of boswellia cannot.

For thousands of years, boswellia has played a pivotal role in Ayurvedic medicine. Distinguished among botanicals, it nurtures bodily pathways that remain untouched by other compounds. BosMed 500 is the product of clinical research and is uniquely standardized to deliver a higher quantity of AKBA—an essential compound—while containing virtually no pro-inflammatory beta-boswellic acid.

With BosMed 500, you access the most sophisticated boswellia extract—a genuinely well-balanced boswellia with all the advantageous components your body requires.

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