Homeopathics for Summer

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Homeopathics for Summer

As we approach the summer season, it's important to be prepared for any health issues that may arise. Here are three homeopathic remedies that can help you stay healthy and enjoy the summer season.
1. Arnica: This remedy is great for treating bruises, sprains, and other injuries commonly experienced during outdoor activities. Arnica is also effective in reducing swelling and pain. It's especially useful for those who are prone to getting injured easily. Helps with unities new and old! 
2. Calendula: Calendula is a powerful natural antiseptic that can be used to treat cuts, scrapes, and other minor wounds. It's also great for soothing sunburns, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula can be applied topically in the form of a cream or ointment. We carry both at Health Simplified! 
3. Nux Vomica: This remedy is popular for treating digestive issues, which may arise after eating too much during summer parties. Nux Vomica is particularly effective in relieving nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and constipation. This remedy can be taken orally or simply put the nearly tasteless pellets in your water. 
While these remedies are safe to use, it's important to know that we shouldn't touch them  Simply dispense them into the cap and tip them into your mouth or water. If taking them orally, don't eat or drink anything ten minutes before or after. 
If you think homeopathics may be a good fit for you,  please check out our terrific selection! We have something for everything. Stay healthy and enjoy your summer!


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