Bach Bach KIDS Rescue Remedy - 10 ml

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Introducing the Bach RESCUE REMEDY KIDS; the perfect solution to relieve everyday stress for children aged 2 and above. Ideal for all sorts of daily stressors like school and social events, a big test, ballet recitals, soccer games, or traveling - even for calming toddler tantrums. Pair it with Bach RESCUE SLEEP KIDS Dropper for a complete day-to-night holistic wellness regimen. Created from a blend of 5 natural flower essences found in Dr. Bach's original UK garden, this non-alcoholic, plant-based formula is perfect for children and trusted worldwide for over 85 years. The doctor-developed formula is non-habit forming and does not contain sugar, gluten, or major allergens. And, as it comes in the form of drops, it is easier to administer to kids, with approximately 65 doses per container.

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