Living Streams Living Minerals

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Living Minerals Probiotic Solution Supports Needed Essential Trace Minerals from the Dead Sea.
Of all the nutrients the human body needs to be optimally healthy, minerals are the most essential.  Without the proper minerals, all other nutrients, including vitamins, can't be processed. 
But how do you a get a hard rock mineral into your body?  The prevailing "wisdom" is to break the rocks down so small that they'll be absorbed, SORRY.  The human body still recognizes the mineral as a rock.  We need our minerals to enter our bodies pre-digested so we can absorb them. 
Living Minerals Probiotic™ provides over 75 bio-available trace minerals from the Dead Sea to optimize your health.  
Ingredients: Water, Lactobacillus Paracasei & Subspecies, Lactobacillus Curvatus, Magnesium Chloride from the Dead Sea. 
Application: Begin with one drop a day by mouth or apply externally to skin. 
Increase slowly as your body adjusts to a maximum of 20 drops (1/2 teaspoon) twice a day. 
Children (under 12) to a maximum of 10 drops (1/4 teaspoon) twice a day. 
Product may be taken with water, juice or food. Increase water consumption for maximum benefit.
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