HBC Organics HBC Body Butter

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Have you noticed that your skin gets dry and itchy? There can be a number of reasons why your skin gets this way from the type of water we bathe in, not being hydrated enough, winter weather, allergies, etc. This body butter is amazing, it's just like lotion but it's a little thicker! 

This body butter is the perfect blend of 4 ingredients, avocado oil, purified reverse osmosis water, organic beeswax, and a essential oil! You no longer need to have tons of ingredients in your lotions & body butters- who wants to use something that has ingredients listed that the average person cannot pronounce? 

This will leave your skin feeling hydrated & looking radiant! You do not have to worry about it leaving your skin greasy or oily- your skin will soak the nutrients right in- without clogging pores or causing break outs! 

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