Energetix Buffered Vitamin C

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Our Buffered Vitamin C with Rosehips represents a potent and easily manageable form of ascorbic acid, thoughtfully encapsulated in convenient 500 mg vegetarian capsules. This specially crafted supplement was meticulously formulated with the dual aim of harnessing the numerous advantages of vitamin C while ensuring gentle and harmonious interaction with the digestive system.

By combining the power of ascorbic acid with the natural benefits of rosehips, our formula not only offers a concentrated source of vitamin C but also integrates additional bioactive compounds found in rosehips, such as flavonoids and vitamin A, that can enhance the overall nutritional value and absorption of the vitamin. Furthermore, our choice of buffered vitamin C means that it's less acidic and, consequently, more gentle on the stomach, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive digestive systems.

In essence, our Buffered Vitamin C with Rosehips is your key to a convenient, well-tolerated, and high-potency vitamin C supplement that supports your overall well-being while being considerate of your digestive health.

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